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"Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means."

Ronald Reagan


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  • With a free half-hour consultation, you can learn more about mediation -- before making a final decision.
  • We can help you resolve most issues before entering the legal system.
  • In divorce mediation we focus on your future, on your needs and interests, and on the important relationships you want to preserve after your divorce is over.


Bill Donahue on CBS Talk Philly with Ukee Washington:

Philadelphia Magazine interviews Bill Donahue on the benefits of mediation.


Try Virtual Mediation

Transitions Mediation Center is now offering virtual mediation services to divorcing couples who live at a distance from our Collingswood, NJ, or Philadelphia offices. Some divorcing couples also tell us they feel more comfortable mediating at a distance from their ex'es --rather than in physical proximity.

Virtual mediation allows divorcing couples to mediate anywhere both people have access to computers. Transitions Director Bill Donahue will contact you and provide the log-in details, for a three-way conversation on your computer screen. Call us at 609-238-9245 for details. Clients can still visit our offices for the first, free half-hour consultation if they wish, or they may do the consultation via their computers.