For Marriage Counselors

As a marriage and family therapist, how can you help your clients avoid the worst aspects of divorce?

Tell them about divorce mediation.

Mediation is changing the way people divorce. Instead of going through costly, emotionally draining, litigated divorces, couples are meeting with a trained mediator and settling their disputes at a fraction of the cost — both financially and emotionally.

Unfortunately, most people in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey still don't know about divorce mediation. That's why I wrote Reconcilable Differences: A Consumer's Guide to Divorce Mediation. It shows how mediation has worked for many of my own clients.

I urge you to share my book with your clients who are or may soon be getting a divorce. I will be happy to provide you with additional copies for your office or waiting room at a nominal charge. Please contact me at or call 609-238-9245.