For HR Professionals

You know the toll injury and illness can take on your company's employees. But did you know that divorce also costs employers billions of dollars a year in time employees miss from work to make court dates, meet with attorneys, attend depositions, and deal with the stress of the litigation system? Divorce mediation can help your employees avoid most of the emotional, financial and physical burdens of a litigated divorce. When your employees mediate rather than litigate their divorces, your company won't have to deal with the lost time and lowered morale and productivity.

My new book, Reconcilable Differences, A Consumer's Guide to Divorce Mediation, will answer your employees' questions about divorce mediation and show them how the process has worked for couples going through the same tough choices they face.

Having practiced as a divorce lawyer and accredited mediator for many years, I know how much better mediation is for most people. To help people learn about the mediation option, I offer presentations to civic, church and social organizations, and to companies like yours.

If you are interested in having me speak at an employee function, in-service day or at a lunchtime meeting in South Jersey or the Philadelphia area, please contact me at or call 609-238-9245.